October 23 October 24
10:45 - 11:45am
Managing the Growth of Your Start-Up Business
Your entrepreneurial spirit has inspired and motivated you to start your own business. Your product or service is an overwhelming success.
Patrick Good, AdviCoach of NW Ohio
The Art of Failure: How to Leverage Your Experience for Future Success
History demonstrates that many great accomplishments, discoveries and businesses were born from experience.
Stacy Ward-Braxton, The Significance Group
Creating Your Roadmap to Retirement
All good things come to an end. And for all the time and care you put into building your business, it’s important to ensure its future after your retirement.
David Hunt, Hunt Financial Group
Finding Your Brand Voice
Big, small or army-of-one, your company has a brand. How can you demonstrate your value – and values – to excite, engage and retain desirable customers?
Halle Barnett, media schmedia/ MightyLittleWebsites.com®
Search Engine Optimization Redefined
SEO is not a “nice-to-have,” it’s a critical aspect of a strong go-to-market strategy.
Andy Halko, Insivia
From Trust to Trouble: How to Prevent Employee Theft & Fraud
We all hope it won’t happen to us, but employee theft and fraud is a real risk for business owners.
Jennifer Corso, Petronzio Schneier Co., LPA
Stop That! The Top 10 Things You're Probably Doing that Get in the Way of Growing Your Business
Jim will shine a bright light on some of the stupid stuff he has done along the way to achieving sustained business success – and how you can avoid making those same mistakes!
Jim Smith, The Executive Happiness Coach
The Rules of Engagement: Compliance Strategies for Hiring, Firing and Maintaining an Effective Workplace
Hiring and firing well can make or break a business, and having a basic understanding of employment laws and compliance requirements goes a long way.
Elizabeth Crosby , Buckley King
1:00 - 2:00 pm
Building Your Marketing Toolkit
Before developing a marketing plan and outlining your tactics, it’s important to step back and consider the marketing activities that make the most sense for your business.
Diane Helbig , Seize This Day Coaching
Cover You Assets: The Small Business Owner's Guide to Fraud
Fraud can occur in a variety of ways and have devastating consequences.
Tracy Coblentz, Apple Growth Partners
Content Marketing: Create a Mini -Publishing Empire
In the publishing world, things have changed and power has shifted. Through content marketing - or the creation and distribution of relevant content- you can realize the same goals as a traditional publisher by creating a mini publishing empire.
Kevin Cesarz, Thread Marketing Group
Millennials in the Workplace: The Facts and Myths
As more Millennials enter the workforce, the nature of "work" is changing. Issues like work-life balance, loyalty to employers and communication styles is forcing employers to adapt to these changes or risk losing talent.
Ashley Basile-Oeken, Engage! Cleveland
It's Not You, It's the Hiring Process That's Flawed
Stop turnover turmoil. Hiring people who are capable, solve problems and help you run your business is not a daydream. You can make it happen with ease.
Ruth Schwartz, High Performance Advocates
How to Jumpstart Sales in 90 Days
Every business is a sales organization. Whether it’s a one-person consultancy or a manufacturing plant, sales are critical to success.
Dr. Joe Mayer & Marvin Montgomery, Mayer Business Group & Marvin Montgomery
Engaging Your Employees: How to Get Your Staff to Care as Much as You Do
Successful businesses are built with the help of an engaged workforce - one that is committed and invested in the business
Charlie Colón, Gallup
Hidden Superpowers: Working with ADHD Employees
It’s no secret that many successful entrepreneurs have ADHD and that it may have contributed to their success.
Saul Tucker, Tucker Life Coaching
Effective Lead Generation and Opportunity Management Part 1
This two-part session offers insight into how a tech firm can develop and implement an effective lead generation program to fill its sales pipeline and then focuses on nurturing those leads through your company’s system to increase closed sales and grow revenues.
Dave Harman, Sandler Training
3:00 - 4:00 pm
Grow Your Business with Email and Social Media
If email and social media are not a part your business’ marketing strategy, you’re falling behind the overwhelming number of small businesses using these channels to market to customers, grow their audience and gather business insights.
Karen Leonard, Innovative Global Vision, Inc.
Wage and Hours Risks for Small Businesses
As your business continues to grow, so do the risks associated with wage and hour law compliance.
James Yates, Eastman & Smith Ltd.
How People Impact IT Decisions
IT is a critical area when it comes to the growth of your business, but taking advantage of new opportunities and getting employees on board with the changes can be daunting, particularly for small business owners who don’t have an extensive budget and a dedicated IT department.
Jim Kerr, CRU Solutions
Effective Lead Generation and Opportunity Management Part 2
This two-part session offers insight into how a tech firm can develop and implement an effective lead generation program to fill its sales pipeline and then focuses on nurturing those leads through your company’s system to increase closed sales and grow revenues.
Dave Harman, Sandler Training
The Human Side of Business: Leveraging Emotional Intelligence
Entrepreneurship is an emotional thing, and harnessing your emotional intelligence (EI) can help you generate optimal outcomes as a leader of your business
Laurie Malone, Malone Mediation and Legal Services Inc.
Making a Lasting Impression: The Importance of Business Etiquette
In the digital age, professional etiquette is often overlooked. It’s more than which fork to use at the table (although that’s important too!).
Bob Pacanovsky, Robert J. - Training & Design
The Wonders of WordPress: Tips and Tricks for Managing Your WordPress Content
WordPress is the most popular blogging tool today and for good reason: it’s free and easy.
Benjamin Barnett, media schmedia LLC / MightyLittleWebsites.com®
Sink or Swim: The Importance of Workplace Culture
Culture is core to the success of any business. It represents the values your business stands for and sets the stage for how employees should treat each other and customers.
Tim Dimoff, SACS Consulting
Strategies to Supercharge Your Business
A positive attitude and perspective can be the difference between failure and success. When the stress of running a business drags you down, it’s particularly important to have an action plan in place to keep yourself and your employees motivated.
Doris Mayer, Mayer Business Group
10:15 - 11:15am
Elevate Your Elevator Speech
Every business owner has an elevator speech. It’s the answer to the most frequently asked question at any networking event:”what do you do?”
Phil Stella, Effective Training & Communication, Inc.
How to Create Memorable Customer Experiences
Today, consumers are king – they have more options than ever when it comes to their purchases and they can get nearly everything they want, whenever they want it with one simple click on the internet.
Jeff Tobe, Coloring Outside the Lines
How To Avoid the “Big Dollar Mistake” When Selecting Software
There are many reasons as to why software investments fail to deliver value, but an inadequate selection process is often the culprit.
Laura Pettit Rusick, OPT Solutions
Succession Planning for Family and Closely Held Businesses
All business owners have to face it at some point: what happens to my business when I’m not running it anymore? This workshop will help you evaluate the “3 WHAT’s”.
Jim Aussem, Cavitch Familo & Durkin Co., L.P.A.
Financial Check-up. Pulse on Payments Fraud
As a small business, sometimes you have to cut corners to make ends meet. That said, the financial health of your business is not one of those areas!
Lauren Wojcuich & Amanda Yazbek, PNC
Get Found on Google: 50 Tips to Increase Your Website's SEO
In just one hour, you’ll learn 50 simple SEO rules that you can implement on your website TODAY!
Jen Lombardi & Danni Bennett, Kiwi Creative
Are You Running Your Business or Is Your Business Running You
If you'd like to be in more control of your organization, you're not alone. As thousands of entrepreneurs have discovered, the key to faster growth, bigger profits, more loyal customers and fewer frustrations is traction.
Alex Freytag, ProfitWorks LLC
Digital Marketing and a Social Approach to Growth Part 1
Learn how to leverage the power of the web and how to harness social networks and social media to grow your business.
David Hunt, Shon Christy & Mark Krohn, Hunt Financial Group, Focal Point Social Media & Brouse McDowell
How to Turn Procrastination into Productivity
Prone to procrastination when you need to get big projects done? If you find yourself getting distracted and putting off important tasks over and over again, you’re not alone.
Karyn Buggs, Karyn Buggs International
11:30 - 12:30 pm
Story from the Field: Confessions of a COSE Pitch Winner
COSE Biz Pitch Competition Winner, Daniel Mansoor will share what inspired the idea for his business GiveNext, the struggles he faced and the encouragement he earned while engineering an entrepreneurial success.
Daniel Mansoor, GiveNext
Preventing Workplace Bullying & Harassment
Today, many businesses understand that sexual harassment is unlawful. Many businesses are unaware that harassment based upon other protected classifications such as race or religion is also unlawful.
Sarah Pawlicki , Eastman & Smith Ltd
Four Best Practices for a Strong Family Business
There’s no bond quite like the family bond. With more than 5.5 million family businesses in the U.S. that employ 62% of the workforce, create 75% of all new jobs and drive 64% of the country’s GDP, there’s no doubt that families make a big impact on the U.S. economy.
Jeff Ahola, The Ahola Corporation
Self Publishing Strategies to Promote Your Business
Your entrepreneurial journey, including your expertise, experiences, challenges and success, shouldn’t be kept a secret.
Lisa Ryan, Grategy LLC
Corporate Warfare: Cyber Crime & Internal Theft
Think you’re too small to be a target for hackers? Think again.
Bill Kowalski, Rehmann
Mastering Meetings: The Art of the Huddle
This workshop examines simple techniques you can use to conduct more effective, painless and productive meetings in addition to tips for maximizing employee alertness and engagement.
Tom Hofbauer, Tom Means Business
Ways to Make Your Message Memorable with Video
How do you convey a memorable message? As YouTube continues to grow as one of the most popular websites in the world, brands are realizing their potential for conveying visual messages that energize current customers and attract new ones.
Sam Kinkopf, Frisson Media
Digital Marketing and a Social Approach to Growth Part 2
Learn how to leverage the power of the web and how to harness social networks and social media to grow your business. This two-part session offers insight into best practices in digital marketing and new trends in social business development.
David Hunt, Shon Christy & Mark Krohn, Hunt Financial Group, Focal Point Social Media & Brouse McDowell
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